You are a games developer

Excuse me while I jump on my high horse for this one. Personal portfolio websites are a great way of cataloging your games and projects but be careful about how much time you put into creating your website over the projects you want to show.

I’ve been guilty of this before - spending weekend are weekend finding and customising the perfect WordPress template to show off all my work.. only to be left with something that looks nothing like the original and completely distracts visitors from what I wanted to show them. Now this isn’t a dig at WordPress - it’s a great framework, I once built a Unity project entirely around it’s API to upload and post community driven content.

But you must keep in mind if people are interested in giving you a job making games, it’s going to be unlikely they will care that you’ve got a responsive layout and a jQuery driven image gallery.

It’s a little difficult to preach about this when my portfolio pages aren’t exactly the picture of perfection - but I’m trying, and so should you. My advice is stay away from flashy javascript animations, carousels, and responsive layouts. Keep things simple, a couple of images with a video, and a short paragraph or bullet list of the skills used is more than enough. Provide a download link if necessary but do not expect all visitors to bother with it. It might be worth looking at a different framework, there are a handful from Mashable and WebHostingSearch.

I’m not saying don’t take pride showcasing your work - just be honest to yourself about your skill set and where your time is best placed.

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